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Lead: Ashley Giesbrecht – 2022-05-13 03:58

Lead Info

Name: Ashley Giesbrecht

Mobile: (403) 907-2427

Email: ashleygiesbrecht@hotmail.com

Date of Birth: 1992-12-06

Street: 2412 17th ave sw

City: Calgary

Postal Code: T2t 0g5

Province: AB

Vehicle Type: CAR ‘

Monthly Vehicle Budget: 500

Employment Status: Employed

Employer’s Name: Temptations mobile massage

How long have you been working here? (Months): 60

Comments or Message: I have tried so many places I had a credit score of 612 when I tried the first dealership and he smdestroyed my credit down to a 427 with transunion. I’m super upset I was not that far away of going through the attain your own home program a program for people like me who can’t afford a down payment so they pay it for you. And the home I choose was brand new and beautiful and he has completely destroyed my life I just want my life back my Children are confused they are wondering why we don’t have a vehicle anymore because 3 years ago when my son was being born and I was being flown out by stars the emergency helicopter it was a life or death situation and I had to do an involuntary repo and I hate that I had to do that. It’s si hard to do anything with my kids. Or even get to work i pay over 900$ a month to Uber or cab from client to client because I don’t have a car I haven’t had one since I had my baby at 23 weeks then my husband divorced me because his words he didn’t want a handicapped child. I REALLY BADLY BEED the HELP. no where will help me I’ve tried everywhere north lake approved me with 3000$ down when it was 1500$ at first and I could’ve done that but not 3000$ and now we are having to move also on the first. I haven’t even found a place because I can’t drag 4 kids around a city that’s new to me I don’t know how to use the train or the bus system out here I’m used to driving I’ve never caught a bus plus with my son having auto immune disease, cystic fibrosis, chronic lung disease and many more health problems im scared to take him out especially on public transit. I REALLY BEED A VEHICLE I AM HOPING FOR AN SUV, or a car but I hate mini vans that’s what the last place gave me IA AUTO FINANCE and the guy didn’t even give me a choice and plus it was a lemon. I had to put 7300$ work into it before I could even drive it and I’m a young mom to be honest it was really embarrassing my dream vehicle is just a cheap 7 seater Dodge Journey I see them for 7-16000 at a lot of dealerships but why wont anyone help me. My collections and inquires also we’re ALOT of fraud. As my identity got stolen by my ex and was used by his new gf. So they put me into debt and I do have transunion investigating and ALOT of open police files. Things that people have done to me just isn’t fair especially to myself and most. Of all my babies. They are my biggest worry and I’ve been trying to get into ANY KIND OF VEHICLE SINCE LAST SUMMER !! and to boot I used to be a finance manager myself and got people into nicer vehicles then probably whatever I’ll hopefully eventually get the help somewhere. And there credit was way worse then mine less income. I just don’t understand I know banks don’t trust someone from what they see but yet again it wasn’t me. I have 3 things on my credit that was me. The rest I was frauded. So it’s not fair. And I’m really hoping to get HELO SOMEWHERE. sorry for the long messages and thanks so much! Regards, Ashley

How long at current address? (Months): 36

Do you rent or own your home?: Own

Job Title: Therapeutic massage therapist

Employer’s Phone Number: (780) 907-2427

How soon are you looking to buy?: ASAP AS MY SON HAS TO get his brain tumor removed in less than 2 weeks he was born at 1 lb 1 oz I almost died while having him 🙁 but he’s alive and thriving after 37 surgeries and so many more to come and they wont switc his team of doctors, surgeons, or his lung specialist his cystic fibrosis specialist sketch he has a huge team at only almost 3 and I’m a single mom of 4. I just can’t afford to catch the bus any longer and people telling me to shut my kids the F up and other rude comments and it costs me a fortune to go to Edmonton sometimes yo yo 8 times a month with 4 kids there and back on the bus we had to stay in a hotel for 27 days because my son went into surgery induced acoma

How long have you been working here? (Months): 60

Income Per Month: $5001 – $6500

How long at current address? (Months): 36

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