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Lead: Chau Hallen – 2021-04-20 04:42

Lead Info

Name: Chau Hallen

Mobile: 218-232-1652

Email: hallen.chau@gmail.com

Date of Birth: 1998-06-29

Street: 3740 Ashmor Drive

City: Brainerd

Postal Code: 15658

Province: YT

Vehicle Type: CAR ‘

Monthly Vehicle Budget: 200

Employment Status: Employed

Employer’s Name: Backlink Pro

How long have you been working here? (Months): 3

Comments or Message: Hi,

We’re reaching out to ask if you’d be interested in featuring a guest post on your website. We believe we can add value to your audience on a few related topics that would resonate with your readers.

If our offer is of interest to you, please complete the form here: https://backlinkpro.club/add-your-site

Kind Regards,

How long at current address? (Months): 3

Do you rent or own your home?: Rent

Job Title: NULL

Employer’s Phone Number: 218-232-1652

How soon are you looking to buy?: NULL

How long have you been working here? (Months): 3

Income Per Month: Under $ 2000

How long at current address? (Months): 3

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