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Lead: Eddie Rubensohn – 2020-11-29 04:54

Lead Info

Name: Eddie Rubensohn

Mobile: 07642 66 32 97

Email: rubensohn.eddie78@gmail.com

Date of Birth: 1941-03-15

Street: Schonhauser Allee 20

City: Endingen

Postal Code: 15658

Province: MB

Vehicle Type: CAR ‘

Monthly Vehicle Budget: 200

Employment Status: Employed

Employer’s Name: NULL

How long have you been working here? (Months): 3

Comments or Message: Hi,

We’re wondering if you’ve ever considered taking the content from easycarloanapproval.com and converting it into videos to promote on social media platforms such as Youtube?

It’s another ‘rod in the pond’ in terms of traffic generation, as so many people use Youtube.

You can read a bit more about the software here: https://yazing.com/deals/lumen5/Abram18

Kind Regards,

How long at current address? (Months): 3

Do you rent or own your home?: Rent

Job Title: NULL

Employer’s Phone Number: 07642 66 32 97

How soon are you looking to buy?: NULL

How long have you been working here? (Months): 3

Income Per Month: NULL

How long at current address? (Months): 3

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