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Lead: Edward Freeman – 2022-04-04 06:19

Lead Info

Name: Edward Freeman

Mobile: (302) 316-5112

Email: edfreeman231@gmail.com

Date of Birth: NULL-NULL-NULL

Street: na

City: na

Postal Code: na

Province: NULL

Vehicle Type: CAR ‘

Monthly Vehicle Budget: 200

Employment Status: Employed

Employer’s Name: NULL

How long have you been working here? (Months): 3

Comments or Message: Hi!

Potential clients nowadays are more comfortable doing business with companies whose App Development does not only have an amazing look and feel, but also has some features that make doing most business processes easier.

I am an expert App Developer and I specialized in Android, iOS and many other mobile platforms.

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Talk soon!


How long at current address? (Months): 3

Do you rent or own your home?: Rent

Job Title: NULL

Employer’s Phone Number: NULL

How soon are you looking to buy?: NULL

How long have you been working here? (Months): 3

Income Per Month: Under $ 2000

How long at current address? (Months): 3

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